For injustice Harrison and I did sweatshops. it didn't take to long but it was quite hard. We also did it on a poster board. it is very sad looking at all the pictures and stories about sweatshops but it is also very interesting.  before doing our injustice project Harrison and I had no idea about what was happening over seas and I am very grateful of what we have here in New Zealand.


Frost bites my toes as I run bare footed to the door way. Dad passes me the rusty key and I try to open the door. I'm only getting colder and colder as I stand there. The door finally opens dad walks in with the lolly looking rat poison. He puts the pallets on top of the ugly and dusty cabinet. Everything is old and rusty the dirty couch folds into a bed. Damp sheets stretch out hanging on the retired wooden chairs. Ugly paint stands out like the statue of liberty. Even though the wallpaper is pretty gross and the dusty cabinet is old and creaky, I still love going there.




lee river

lee river

“Are we there yet,”Yup says,dad,my dog, Leah,Eylish and Josie all jump in,ahh It's so cold We all scream. Earlier in the day we all decided to go to the lee river so Eylish invited leah,anyways it was so cold but we kept on jumping in. with penguin arms and noodle legs I stumble out of the cold water to jump off the rocks.
Dad and I decided that my dog should go in so Dad jumped in with her. She was pedaling like crazy,dad lifted her up and she was still trying to paddle.

my family

My family
Hi my name is Renee and my dads name's Sean. My mum's name is Linda.

I have two older sisters called Josie and Eylish. Josie plays hockey and netball and Eylish plays netball.

I have about 22 cousins. Some of them live in Blenheim, some live in Nelson and some live in Wellington.

My dad has seven brothers and sisters.

My mum has one sister and two brothers.

My nana and grandad passed away but I still have my nannan and poppa are still alive and they go for walks everyday  

Lately my dad has been playing cards with me.

 We have a dog and a cat dogs name Pearl cats name Bonnie. 

Malala Yousafzai

Women's Rights  Malala Yousafzai

           Malala Yousafzai was born July 12,1997, in   Pakistan and she is 19 years old.

 On the 9th of October 2012 she was shot on the side of her face while she was going to school. She got shot because she wanted females to have an education and have the right to do anything men can.  

Malala has been giving talks in public on the importance of education. She got nominated in 2013 for the Nobel peace prize. Then Malala has won the Nobel prize in 2014. And She is the youngest person to win the  Nobel peace prize.


zoom out

Photo Credit: Yummilicious Cakes & Desserts Flickr via Compfightcc

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Bella said "It looks too good to eat" while licking her lips.